what are mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are the intermediate floor between primary floors of a building, and consequently ordinarily not considered as a real part of the general floors of a building. Regularly, a mezzanine is low-ceilinged and extends as a balcony. The term is likewise utilized for lowest balcony in a theater, or for the front lines of seats in the balcony.

Purpose of mezzanine floors

A mezzanine is a partial floor located on an area of 25% or less on the floor. Mezzanines are found in a wide range of buildings, from office partitions to warehouses, holy places to manufacturing offices. They are not figured into the building's total area or stature when developing the loss costs. However, the reconstruction costs can be influenced by the mezzanine floors in a warehouse or an office partitions mezzanine in a large warehouse building.

Other different features like whether it is a closed area or a balcony in the region don't play a role in deciding whether it is mezzanine floors or not. If the referred area has a different rooftop line from the floor beneath, it is viewed as a separate floor, not the mezzanine floors.

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